The Meteoriks at a glanceAll you need to know in a nutshell

The Meteoriks

The Meteoriks are an award to honor the best demoscene productions of 2023. They will be presented at the Revision demoparty in April 2024.

The Demoscene

The demoscene is a computer subculture consisting of creative minds with passions of creating realtime art. Learn more here and visit a demoparty!

Meteoriks 2024 Nominees

You can review the nominees of all eleven categories here.
Thanks to the MountainBytes Team for hosting our reveal show!


Our juries have decided on a list of categories, you can review them here!

Call for jurors

The winner of each category will be determined by three or more judges. That's a lot of judges you say? Well, you're right and you should consider applying.

Juror application deadline has passed.

Recommend a production

Once jury work starts, our jurors will have to make sense of the huge amount of things that have been released in 2023. They are working hard not to overlook worthy entries, but we want to make extra sure that everything gets considered.

If you have any special production in mind for one of our categories that you think deserves the jury's attention, submit it here!

The deadline for recommendations has passed.

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